It's important to understand that no money goes directly through Bokun.
You have 4 sales channels you can use in Bokun. 

Online booking engine:
If you have a payment provider setup you can charge your customers through the payment provider and the money will be sent to you according to your contract with your payment provider. 

The Bokun Marketplace
The Bokun marketplace is set up so that the reseller is responsible for charging the customer and the supplier for invoicing the reseller.  We have a great report for monitoring who you need to invoice and when. This is in the form of our Marketplace invoice report. Note that invoices to be sent to resellers are created outside of Bókun.

Your current payment system with the OTA does not change when you use Bokun. The only thing that changes is that the OTA uses the availability in Bokun and sends bookings to your Bokun account. 

Booking Agents
When you create your Booking agents in Bokun you can choose if they should pay with credit card on checkout or be invoiced later.
If they pay with credit card on checkout it goes through your payment provider.
If they are invoiced you can use our Agent report to monitor who you need to invoice.

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