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 Recurring availability allows you to set availability once, for the unforeseeable future. 

If you have a product that runs everyday at 09.00, everyday of the week and will do so for the unforeseeable future you can add availability that is valid until you stop it. 

To add recurring availability to your products select "Products" on the top bar and select "Tours & Activities" from the drop down list. Then select the product you would like to edit the availability for from your product list. 

If you have not created your product yet, you can follow these instructions here on how to create products.

The first thing to do is to enable "recurring" availability. To do that select the "Product Settings" tab in the product. 

On the right hand side of the screen you have an option named "Schedule type". In the schedule type select "Recurring Dates" from the drop down list.

When you have selected "recurring dates" scroll to the bottom of the screen and save your settings before continuing. 

The next thing to do is to set your availability. To do that select the "Availability" tab in your product. 

On the availability screen you set on the left hand side the rules for your availability e.g. maximum capacity and available days. On the right hand side you see an exampled of how your availability lines up. 

The first thing to do is to decide the start date and end dates of the availability. If the availability should be from now and forever, you can leave the date fields empty. 

If the availability has another start date than today and there is a fixed end date select those dates in the date fields.

Type: Select whether you are setting in OPEN or CLOSED dates. If you select open, then you are adding the dates that should be available. If you select closed, then you are selecting those dates that should be closed and not available for booking. 

Frequency: Here you are selecting when and how often the activity takes place, e.g. if you select daily in frequency and 2 in interval, then you are saying the activity is available every second day. If you would have added 3 in interval, then you are saying your activity is available every 3rd day. 

Months: Select the months this availability is available for. 

Weekdays: Select the days this availability is available for 

Show Advanced settings: Select to add rules to e.g. close 24th and 31st of December every year. When you select this option more settings pop up.

Affected Start Times: Select the start times that this availability should be applicable too.  E.g. you can select this availability just for your 08:00Am departure, then set up some different availability and date ranges for your other departures.

Capacity settings: Add the maximum and minimum availability for this availability rule. Maximum is the maximum quantity of passengers you can accept per departure.
Minimum is the minimum quantity of passengers you can accept per departure. Note if you add 2 as minimum passengers, that means you first booking has to be at minimum 2 pax. after that individuals can book. 

Now either save, or add an other rules for more availability and closures. 

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