Automated messages allow you to send customised messages: 

  • On booking confirmation 

  • X days before travel

  • X days after travel 

  • On booking cancellation 

  • On booking change 

You can also send a message to all passenger in a specific departure, e.g. all tours cancelled due to weather.

There are three different types of automated messages: 

  1. Default automated messages to be sent out for all bookings

  2. Automated messages, customised per product

  3. Manual messages sent out to a specific departure

  4. Manual messages sent out to a specific customer

Do automatic or manual messages override messages from Bókun?
No, these messages do not override messages and notifications sent from Bókun, e.g. the booking confirmation and the customer invoice.

Do the messages override each other?
These messages do not override each other. If you have e.g. a message that's being sent out to all customers 3 days before arrival, a product specific message, also sent out 3 days before arrival, will not stop the account specific message. The customer will receive 2 messages.

Are the automated messages I set up sent to all customers?
No, there are a few exceptions to who received the automated messages:

  • Viator customer do not receive automated messages that are set to on confirmation 

  • Expedia and GYG customers do not receive any auto messages 

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