Automated messages enable you to send customised messages per product to your customers.

How to create automated, product specific messages

Select "Products" > "Experiences" and open up the product you wish to add an automated message to before selecting "Actions" > "Automated messages".

Select "Add" up in the right hand corner.

To create a new message, you need to fill in the settings requirements and the text you would like to include in your message. 

Title: Add the title of the message. Just for internal use.
Active checkbox: If this is not checked, the message won't be sent out.
Message Trigger: Select at what point in time the message should be sent out:

  • On confirmation

  • X days before travel

  • X days after travel

  • On cancel

  • On change

Number of sent messages: Select between:

  • Always send this message for every matching product booking

  • Never send this message to the same customer more than once

Message subject: The email subject.
Message body: The main message. There are few options (place holders) you can select to be shown automatically in the message. 

  • First name

  • Last name 

  • Email

  • Confirmation code 

  • travel date 

Select these options and they will appear in blue bubbles in the message text box. You can write your message around the automatic options.

Set a pick-up condition: You can send your message depending on pick-up selection. You can select between:

  • Only send message if pick up was booked

  • Only send message if pick up is offered but was not booked

Only send for a specific product: Select the product/products this message applies to. 

Remember to save your changes.

Other message options:

You can send out automatic messages for all  bookings on your account. e.g. 3 days before and after travels. 

You can send out manual messages specific to a departure for Tour & Activities products: Here you can find more information on how to set up manual messages.

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