If you have an experience that does not have a fixed departure time (museums, visitor centres etc.), you can add your opening hours to your product. You show your customer the opening hours instead of departure times in the online booking engine and on the their ticket.

How to add opening hours 

Go to "Products" > "Experiences" and select the product you would like to add opening hours to. If you have not created your experience yet, you can follow this instructions to create an activity with fixed opening hours.

Navigate to "Availability" > "Opening hours" on the left hand side of your screen.

Tick the boxes next to the days your experience is open and add the opening hours.

Select "Add seasonal opening hours" if it applies to your experience, add the date range of your season and the seasonal opening hours:

The opening hours will be shown on the ticket your customer receives at the time of booking: 

Here is an example of how the opening hours appear in the online booking engine. Note that the opening hours are only shown in the booking engine if your product type is "Pass": 

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