You can change the occupancy per pricing category if needed. In most cases, each one of your pricing categories (Adult, Teenager, Senior Citizen) occupy one space each but in some cases you might want to be able to occupy 2 or more spaces for each person who makes a booking.

Let's say you offer snowmobile tours. Your snowmobiles have 2 spaces each but you only want one snowmobile per person. You therefore need to create or edit a pricing category for customers booking the snowmobile tour.

Select "Products" > "Pricing categories" and click on "Add" up in the right hand corner.

Add the number of spaces the passenger occupies under "Occupancy" and save your changes.

How to edit the occupancy of an existing pricing category

In some cases you may just want to edit a pricing category you have already. Let's say you want to change the occupancy of your pricing category for Infants from 1 to 0. 

Select the pricing category you want to change.

Edit the occupancy and save your changes.

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