To see a video on how to add a Wordpress booking engine to your website click here.
Please note that to embed Bokun's widgets on your site you will need the WordPress Business Plan

The process of embedding any widget to WordPress is the same. It doesn't matter whether it is Activity Time Selector, Room Selector, Checkout or Booking receipt, the process is the same. 

What you have to do is: 

  • Go to Bókun and enter your widget page
  • Generate and then copy the embed code for the widget you need to embed to your WordPress site
  • Go to your WordPress account and find the page where you would like to embed your widget
  • Set the text editor to "Text" and paste the embed code.

As an example I am going to use Time Selector, an activity booking engine.

The first thing is to go to widgets on your Bókun account. Select the "name of your company" on the top bar and "Widgets" from the drop down list.

Select "embed" in the same line as the widget you are going to embed. In this case I am going to select "Embed" in the same line as the "Time selector" 

Fill in the form that you get: 

These three are the mandatory fields: 

Booking channel: Select the booking channel for the website you are embedding the widget to.

Supplier: select the supplier who owns the product

Product: select the product that this booking engine is for 

The rest of the fields are optional. 

Link to Affiliate (Optional)What you can do in Bókun, is to produce a booking engine and send the code to someone else who can embed the booking engine to their own website. In that case you probably would like to track the commission the seller should get for selling your products. To do that you can create an affiliate in Bókun, then you can select the correct affiliate from this drop down list to link the affiliate to this booking engine.

LanguageSelect the language the booking engine should be in. English is default. If you would like to create booking engines in other languages then you first have to activate the language and translate your content.

CurrencyChoose the currency your booking engine should be in. Your default currency will be the default setting here.

ProtocolAllows you to use non-secure embedding. Please use this only if you know what you are doing. This is an advanced feature.

Automatically size the iframe to fit contentBókun's booking engines are platform independent and responsive. If you want to override the default size for iframes, you can do so. This is an advanced feature.

When you have selected the product and select the blue "Generate embed code" button. When you do that a text/code appears in the box below. 

Copy the text/code from the box.

The next step is to put the booking engine on your WordPress site. To that you have to be logged into your Word Press.

In Word Press select the page where you are going to embed the widget. This screen shot is from the WordPress that I use, it might be that yours look a bit different.

To embed the booking engine, or in other words paste the code/text you copied from Bókun into WordPress, you have to select "text" in your editor. If you do not select text, the booking engine will not appear and you will just see the code on your website. 

Key thing to do, select "text"

After you have selected "Text" you can paste the code into the text editor. Save your draft and checkout your preview.

In the preview you should have your booking widget. 

Note that the widgets can look very differently depending on what widget you were embedding. 

Time selector, Accommodation Room selector, car selector and car search form will all give your various versions of booking engines. 

Checkout will appear as a Yellow line saying : "shopping cart is empty" 

Booking receipt will say "No booking found" 

Those two are related to the step before and the products that have been selected. When you embed them, it is unlikely that you have selected a product and that causes the widget not to have any product to show. So they are just telling you that.

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