How do I add a widget to my WordPress site?

1. In Bókun, click Sales Tools > Widgets. 

2. Select the booking channel you'd like to add a widget to from the drop-down. A booking channel is an online sales channel that tracks where your online bookings are coming from. Usually, it will be your company's website. Learn more about booking channels.

3. Follow the steps on the page, first select widget type, then select experience and then generate widget code.
4. Click Copy Embed Code

5. In WordPress, click Pages in the left-hand side banner. If you have already created a page, click it. If you haven't, click Start a page

6. Using the block system in the page, click the small + sign and then click Custom HTML

7. Paste the widget code in the box where it says Write HTML

8. Click Preview to check out how your widget will look. 

Note that your widget might look different from the screenshot above if you're embedding a different type of widget, e.g. the product page or the product list. 

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