Booking receipt widget is the last step of the booking process. This widget is almost without exception embedded to "thank you" page, where customers are redirected after paying. The thank you page is the "Success URL" in your checkout widget

Usually the booking process is three steps: 

  1. Time selector widget -> Calendar where the customer selects travel date, quantity of passengers/guests. 
  2. Check out widget -> The step where the customer adds his contact information, gives answers to questions related to Extras, pickup etc. 
  3. Payment -> Either the customer is redirected to a payment site where he finalises his payment, or finalises the payment on your site if you have a payment gateway. 

After the payment the customer goes to a page where he receives his payment confirmation. In some cases the payment confirmation page is a page from the payment provider where the customer goes after payment. In other cases you can send the customer directly from payment to your website for payment confirmation / thank you for booking page. 

When you send the customer back to your website for payment confirmation you embed your booking receipt widget on that page so the customer will see a summary of what he just bought. 

To create new widgets you have to go to the widget page. To go to the widget page select the gear icon in top right corner then you select “Widget” from the side bar:

Select “add” to create the widget.

This page appears and here you choose the widget that you need to create, in this case we select “Booking Receipt” from the list.

The only thing you have to fill in when creating a booking receipt is the title you want to give it. The title can be anything. E.g. Booking Receipt. 

Resource References, Custom Head and Custom CSS/LESS: These options allow you to change the lok and feel of your booking engine with CSS or Java Script. Here you can find more information on how to change the look and feel of your booking engines

Remember to save before continuing, so you wont loose your work. 

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