The Customers section in Bókun gives you the opportunity to manage your interactions with your customers. It gathers customer data from multiple sections of Bókun and stores detailed information on overall purchase history, personal info, and even purchasing behavior patterns.

What is the Customers feature?

The Customers feature is included in the PRO subscription. You can better organize and manage your interactions with your customers from sending informational emails to customers for specific bookings, to bulk messaging or marketing campaigns.

Under the Customers section you can find:

  1. All Customers: An overview of all your customers and their booking information. You can view, edit and filter customer information, send bulk emails, creating new customers, or managing GDPR requests.

  2. Auto Message: Send auto messages to customers with information about their experience, ask them for reviews, and more. Here’s more information on auto messages.

  3. Email templates: Create email templates for one-off situations related to daily operations, marketing, to easily communicate with your customers. Here’s more information on email templates.

Note: When customers reply to auto-messages and emails sent from Bókun, their responses will go straight to your email inbox.

How can I use the Customers feature?

You can use the Customers list to

Get an overview list of your customers

  1. Search the customer by name using the top search bar

  2. Visualize and order customer and booking information: by customer name, email, booked products, last bookings, country, booking value, total booking value and booking source

  3. Customize the list view: by clicking on the cogwheel on the right side you can choose which customer attributes you’d like to see in the list.

Create new customers

By clicking on the Create new customer blue button on the top right-hand side of the page. There you can create a new customer by adding the customer personal information.

Filter the list to show only customers that match specific filters

By clicking Filters on the right side of the page, you can filter customers who have accepted to be contacted for marketing purposes, by travel date, booking date, product booked, tags and nationality. Choose the filters you want to apply and then click Show customers.

Perform bulk actions such as sending emails, exporting customer information or adding tags

  1. Select the customer by ticking the box in front of their name

  2. Click on Actions on the right side of the page,

  3. Choose the action you want to take: Send an email, export to spreadsheet or add tags.

What is the customer overview page is and what information is shown?

The customer overview page can be accessed by clicking on the customer’s name in the customer list:

Once you click on the customer’s name, you will be redirected to the customer overview page where you can easily find the information related to the specific customer and their bookings:

  1. Customer name is on the top left side of the page

  2. The last booking, total amount of transactions and total number of bookings made by the customer are shown on the top bar

  3. The most recent bookings’ information such as the booking reference number, the name of the product booked and the status of the payment for the booking

  4. The customer personal information such as email, nationality, phone, address are shown in the customer overview section on the top right side of the page which also show if the customer has accepted to receive marketing emails

  5. The tags added to the customer profile which can be useful to identify the customer behavior and purchasing patterns

  6. The Customer privacy section is where you can export a copy of the customer information and erase the customer information from Bókun. Learn more about How to manage GDPR requests

How can I use the customer overview page?

On the overview page you can perform several actions, such as:

Select the 3 dots to edit the booking or email the customer

Edit button in the customer overview section to edit personal information such as email, nationality, phone, address

Check if the customer has agreed to receive marketing emails box to subscribe the customer to or unsubscribe the customer from the marketing list

Manage tags to create tags or add existing tags to the customer profile

Request customer data button to export a copy of the customer information (read more about Helping suppliers managing GDPR requests)

Erase personal data button to remove customer's personal information from Bókun (read more about Helping suppliers managing GDPR requests)

Email button in the top right corner of the page to send personalized emails, template emails, marketing emails to the customer

Create booking: if they click on the create booking button, they will be redirected to the offline booking section.

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