To create packages, e.g. accommodation, car and activity together, possibly all on different dates it is possible to link together various online booking engines.

Please note that this setup is only possible in the OLD WIDGETS, widgets available to vendors that signed up before October 2019.

This method has been used by e.g. 

  • Airlines that offer one way ticket and round-trips where you can select departure and return dates, and the inventory needs to be right on both trips
  • Cruise Ships that offer combo tours from different harbours
  • You want to sell Trip A and Trip B together
  • Link together accommodation and activity 

There are few steps included in making this happen. 

  • Create your products, if you don't have them ready already 
  • Create pages in your CMS system to embed the various booking engines to 
  • Add the links from the new pages in your CMS to the correct widget, so the customer will be redirected to the correct next step in the booking process. 

Note that what you are doing is to move/redirect a customer from the booking engine for one product, to the booking engines for the next product. 

Step 1 - create pages for the booking engines in your CMS system.

The first step is to create product pages on your homepage that would be called f.x. Trip A and Trip B.

In this example we are linking together one activity product and one accommodation, the process is identical if you have e.g. two activity products you are linking together.

The reason for creating two pages is that you must embed two different widgets to the sites. E.g you have the page for the package, "Weekend Winter Getaway" on this page you have the information and pictures for your package. This page could be "," the second page might be ""
On the first page,, you have a booking engine for the accommodation and the customer selects e.g Friday - Sunday, selects the room type and the selects book. Instead of going to checkout, the customer goes to the next step" where you select the date for your activity, e.g. Northern lights on Saturday. When you select check out here, you are moved to the check out step where both products have been added to your shopping cart. 

Step 2 - Embed you booking engines to your website

Embed the booking engine widgets to the pages you have created. Accommodation room selector to the package page and activity time selector to the second page. 

Step 3 - Link together the booking engines

In this step you are setting the first step, the accommodation booking engine in this case, to redirect the customer to the second step so he can select the date or his activity. 

To do this you go to widgets in Bókun. Select the gear icon in top right corner then you select “Widget” from the side bar:

Find the booking engine that you have embedded as the first step from your list of widgets. In this case we are selecting the "Accommodation Room Selector", open the settings for the widget by selecting it's name.

In the settings, set the widget to "redirect to another page" then add the link to the new page you have created in your CMS system and paste into the "Redirect URL" line: 

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