What are the Viator quality checks?

Viator has introduced their Product listing quality standards which focus on the quality of products and ensures that listings provide travellers with accurate, up-to-date information about experiences. All listings submitted for publication on Viator are subject to manual review and are charged at a cost of $29 per product, to ensure that they meet Viator’s requirements and guidelines.

What about Bókun suppliers?

Starting 2nd of November 2020, Bókun PRO plan customers that have paid for the subscription can enjoy up to 4 free quality checks per month - this is a saving of over $100! Bókun FREE customers will be subject to the $29 cost per listing. Further information on Bókun’s subscription plans can be found here.

How does it work?

You don’t need to do anything different. Make sure that you have a credit card listed in your account for your monthly subscription for your Bókun PRO plan and the fee will be automatically waived for you when you have paid.

If you add more than 4 listings, you’ll have to start paying for the quality checks again until the amount resets again the following month.

Please note that Bókun cannot waive or refund any fees charged prior to 2nd of November 2020.

How do I add a new product in Viator?

When you create a new product in Viator, instead of publishing - you submit your listing for review. The Viator team will then evaluate the listing to ensure that this meets the guidelines and let you know if any changes are required.

To add a new listing:

  1. Go into your Viator supplier account
  2. Add a listing and ensure this meets Viators’ quality standards
  3. Submit your listing for review and get the product check for free!

Once your product has been published and approved, it will be live on Viator within an hour and live on TripAdvisor within 48 hours. Ensure you have Auto-import enabled so that your new product can be automatically imported and connected to your Bókun account:

  • Click Contracts > Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) > Viator
  • Click Enable auto import
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