We believe in building a community for the tours and activities industry to work together and benefit one another. And so we did it in the form of the new Affiliate Hub. You can now source and promote tours and activities more easily and securely, and build additional revenue streams!

What is the Bókun Affiliate Hub?

The Bókun Affiliate Hub gives you one-click access to experiences from around the world. Skip the individual contracting between vendors and start earning instantly.

  • Quick, instant access to a global selection of tours and activities products

  • Earn a market-leading 15% commission on every booking

  • Use our built-in tools like widgets and sales dashboards to get you started

  • Get paid automatically and hassle-free

How do I sign up?

Click Affiliate Hub in the left-hand side of your Bókun account. Then click Join now. You can now explore the Bókun Affiliate Hub and start promoting products.

How do I use the Affiliate Hub?

You can access the Affiliate Hub by clicking Affiliate Hub in the left-hand menu in your Bókun account. The Bókun Affiliate Hub has four sections.

  1. Discover: Here you can find other suppliers and affiliates to work with

  2. Find Experiences to promote: Here you can browse specific experiences to promote next to your own experience offering

  3. My Connections: Here you can find all the suppliers that you are currently working with.

  4. My Affiliate Hub Resources: Here you can find news, documents and tips on how to maximize your Affiliate Hub potential.

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