Gift cards are a great way for your customers to give their friends and family a chance to experience your tours and activities. You can create a Bókun experience for your gift card to be able to sell your gift cards directly on your webpage. The gift cards can then be used by your customers via your online booking engine. 

How to create gift card codes

Click Products > Gift Cards.

Click Add.

Fill in the information.

1. Code generation: This is where the code you give to your customers is generated. The customers use it to redeem their gift card in your booking engines. If you leave the box ticked, Bókun will automatically produce codes for you, just select how many tickets you want you generate, their prefix and length along with the value of the gift cards. Bókun recommends keeping the box ticked.

If you want to add the codes manually, untick the box and add your own codes along with the value of the gift cards.

2. Quantity: Number of gift card codes to be generated.
3. Code Prefix: Optional.
4. Code Length: Bókun recommends 8.
5. Value: Specify the gift card's value, e.g. 100 USD.
6. Currency: Choose the currency for the gift card.
7. Labels: You can create labels and track your gift card bookings in reports. Here are information on how to create labels.
8. Expiration date: The date the gift card expires. Leave this field empty of the gift card never expires.
9. Valid for: Choose the products the gift card is valid for if it's not valid for all of them.

Remember to Save before continuing.

How do create my gift-card as an experience?

Currently, you can create Gift card codes and create a Gift card as an experience in Bókun to be able to sell your gift cards on your website. Note that Bókun does not generate the actual gift cards, you will have to do that yourself.

Click Products > Experiences.

Click Create experience.

Click Title and type in the left-hand side menu. Add a Title, e.g. Gift card and click Save & Continue

Click Time, date or pass in the left-hand side menu. Click Pass and click Save & Continue

Click Capacity in the left-hand side menu. Click Free sale and click Save & Continue

Click Pass settings in the left-hand side menu. Click the option that you prefer for when the pass (gift card) should expire. We recommend choosing Never expires.
Click Continue.

Click Pricing categories in the left-hand side menu. Choose the pricing categories you want to display for the gift card in the drop-down and then click Continue.If you don't see the price category you want to display, click Modify my pricing categories. Then you get the option to add a new price category.

In the pricing categories overview, click Add.

Enter a title for the new pricing category, e.g. Gift card - 100 ISK, Gift card - 1 person, Gift card - One tour, etc. Click Save.

Go back to creating the gift card, refresh the page and now your newly created pricing category should appear as an option. Choose it and then click Save & Continue.

Click Rates in the left-hand side menu. Click Edit.

Change the title to e.g. Gift card. Make sure the pricing category you just created is checked. Click Submit.

Click Price catalogue in the left-hand side menu. Enter the price for your gift card then click Save prices. 

Click Activate in the top right corner of the page. Your gift card experience is now ready.

How do I sell my gift cards online?

Once you've created your gift card as an experience, you can create an online booking engine for it so you're able to sell it on your website.

Click Widgets> Widgets. Then choose your website as the booking channel and click Booking Calendar.

Choose yourself under Supplier and then choose the gift card under Experiences. You can see the preview of the online booking engine on the right. Click Generate embed code and then click Copy. Next, paste the code to your website. 

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