To automatically add gift card codes to your tickets there are three steps:

  1. Create gift card codes 
  2. Create gift card as an experience
  3. Upload the gift card codes to the product as barcode values

By doing this, the gift card code will appear automatically at the top of the ticket, just below the barcode. The customer can go to your website at any point and claim his gift card. 

Here's a step-by-step video on how to add gift card code to tickets.

Step 1:  Create gift card codes and Step 2: Create gift cards as an experience

Currently, you can create gift card codes and create a gift card as an experience in Bókun. Simply follow the steps in this article: How to create gift cards.

Next, click Products > Experiences in the top menu and open the gift card product you just created.

1. Click Tickets in the left-hand side menu. Here you can add a message to the ticket the customer will receive and give them further information on e.g. where the gift card code is on the ticket: "This gift certificate is valid for amount listed above. Redemption code is shown below barcode". Click Save & Continue when you have added your text. 

2. Go to Rates in the left-hand side menu. Select Edit  and set "Max. passengers per booking" as 1. The reason for this is to restrict the booking engine so only one Gift Card can be purchased at a time. 

3. Go to Products > Gift cards. Next, export the codes by clicking Actions > Export as CSV. Or you can copy/paste it into Excel/Google Sheets.

Open the CSV file and remove all the columns, except for the column with the Gift Card Codes, and re-save the file. We recommend you add e.g. "Gift Card #" in the column in front of the Gift Card Code so the customer knows that this is the Gift Card Code on the ticket. 

The file should look like this:

Step 3: Go back into your Gift Card product and upload the Gift Card codes to the product as barcode values

To upload your Gift Card codes as barcode values you start by going to the product the barcodes belong to. Select Products > Experiences.

Then select the product you intend to upload the barcode values to, your gift card product.

When you are in the product select Actions in the top right corner. From the drop down list select Barcodes.

Click Upload barcode values to upload your barcode values. 

You have two options to upload your barcode values. You can upload them on the product level or you can upload them per pricing category. 

This depends on if you have more than one values for your gift card. If you have e.g. only 100USD value one, then you can upload the codes on the product level. 

But in the case you offer different options, e.g. 50USD, 100USD and 150USD, you have to upload the codes per pricing category. 

To upload code values, click Choose file, choose the Excel / Google Sheet doc you just saved and click Open. Note, the file has to be a .txt file.

Upload the file, then click Save at the bottom of the page.

Or paste the codes to the text field, then click Save at the bottom of the page:

You have uploaded your barcodes.

Now, when a customer buys a gift card, the ticket they receive includes their gift card ticket. We always recommend that you do one test booking just to see that everything works as it should.

Here is an example of a ticket where you can see the gift card code below the Barcode:

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