Custom fields can be added to your products, marketplace contracts, vendors and booking agents in Bókun. These fields allow you to add more fields that are specific to you where you can add your custom information.

These information can be extracted and used with Bókun's API. The information for contracts and vendors are also available internally in Bókun on your supplier page (Contracts -> Suppliers). 

The custom input fields are created by selecting "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “Custom input Fields” from the side bar:

You have four tabs where you can select where the custom fields should be applied to. 

  • Products: these fields are applied to your products and will appear under your "Product settings" tab in the products. 
  • Contracts: these fields will appear on the right hand side of your marketplace contracts. You can select to share this field with the contracts counter party. 
  • Vendors: these fields will be available on your supplier page. Contracts -> Suppliers. 
  • Agents: these fields will appear on your booking agents. 

To create e.g. custom fields to put on your Booking agents, select the "Agents" tab. Then select "Add" at the top of the page to create a custom field. 

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