In March 2020, Bókun changed billing systems to offer you, our vendors, more flexibility and easier navigation of your invoices and billing. It will allow Bókun to offer you a wider range of products or plan types to better suit your business in the future. 

What's changed? 

We have a new Account & Billing page, which shows you a detailed overview of your subscription plan and your booking charges. From the Account & Billing page you can also edit your payment methods and your subscription plan. 

You can now: 

  • Have multiple payment methods for your account, providing you back-up if one payment method fails.
  • Manage your subscription options. 
  • Add add-ons to your account.
  • View your billing history and download invoices

How do I switch to the new billing system?

To access the billing portal, navigate to the cogwheel in the top right corner of your account and click Account & Billing. You’ll see a banner at the top of your page, containing a green Click here to switch to a new billing button. Once clicked, you’ll be automatically moved to the new billing portal! 

Please note, after you switch you’ll have to re-enter your credit card details as the old system will have been deleted, along with your credit card and billing details, for security reasons.

Why do I need to add my credit card details again?

In order to give you more flexibility and a wider range of self-service billing tools, we are switching to a new billing platform. At the point of switching, your billing details will be managed through a new booking portal, which means that for security reasons, you’ll have to re-enter your billing information.

Please be assured that we take the security of your details very seriously and that we'll delete the old billing system, along with your credit card details, from your account as soon as you’ve switched to the new portal.

We want you to feel confident about using our platform and are committed to protecting the personal data we collect with the appropriate technical and organizational measures.

How do I make changes to my billing details?

Navigate to the cogwheel in the top right corner of your account and click Account & Billing. Click Actions > Edit your payment method, add your credit-card details or your PayPal account and click Add.

Don’t forget to confirm that your billing address in the Vendor info section (also under the cogwheel) still matches your new payment card. 

Can I change my subscription?

We currently only offer the Bókun standard plan in which Bókun is free of charge and you only pay a 2.9% service fee on bookings made online (i.e. through our online sales tools, storefront, API or websites). 

Whilst we’ll be looking at introducing more options in the future, the Standard plan is currently set by default and cannot be amended. You can learn more about Bókun pricing here. 

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