Where can I find my invoices?

To find your invoices click the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen and click Account & Billing from the side bar.

Account & Billing gives you an overview of your monthly payments and invoicing information for the monthly service fee.

You can choose the month you want to in the drop-down on the left-hand side and click Show charges to show the individual charges behind the invoice.

You can also click Actions > Open Billing History to view your billing history and to download your invoices. You will both see invoices for entire months and prorated invoices. 

Prorated charges are a partial charge for the time between starting the new service and your bill date, e.g. if you sign-up for a Bókun website on the 15th of the month, you only pay for the website from the 15th until the end of the month, not from the 1st until the end of the month.

How is Bókun's service fee calculated?

Starting October 1, 2019, your bookings made through resellers will be completely free. That means you will not pay Bókun for bookings from online travel agents (OTAs) such as Viator or Expedia, nor bookings from resellers you have created partnerships with using the Bókun Marketplace, travel agents, or offline booking sources.

The service fee is calculated as 2.9% of your total online booking value for the month (bookings made through Online Booking Engines, Storefronts and the Bókun API). Bókun currently collects this fee by credit card or PayPal. More information on Bókun Pricing

How does Bókun charge my Credit Card?

Bókun charges in USD. When bookings are made in EUR or any another currency, we convert the margin (2.9%) to USD using the official bank rate. When we then charge the service fee, we charge the value in USD and the card issuer converts home currency into USD, so any extra fees are dependent on the issuer bank. Bókun does not perform any extra surcharges for currency conversion.

First attempt to charge your card is on the 1st, every month - next attempt will be on the 2nd, then 5th, and lastly 10th. If the charge does not go through on the 10th, we will try again next month - same dates as mentioned here above.

Which invoices can I find in Bókun?

Your current and previous invoices (from the 1st of August 2014) for Bókun are all found in your Bókun account.

What if my payment failed?

If the payment for your Bókun account failed, you can see the status marked as failed. To prevent your account from closing, you can click the Retry payment button. Before retrying payment, please check: 

  • That the credit card information you have supplied under the Account & Billing section of your account is correct.
  • That the bank account of the credit card you have supplied has sufficient funds and allows foreign transactions. 
  • That the PayPal account you have supplied has sufficient funds and allows foreign transactions.
  • Contact your bank to ensure that everything is in order.

Carry over from previous months

Bókun only generates invoices if the total amount exceeds $1 per month. If your total amount does not reach that limit, it will be carried over to your next invoice.

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