What is the Bókun service fee?
Starting October 1, 2019 your bookings made through resellers will be completely free. That means you will not pay Bókun for bookings from online travel agents (OTAs) such as Viator or Expedia, as well as resellers you have created partnerships with using the Bókun Marketplace, travel agents, or offline booking sources.

The service fee is calculated as 2.9% of your total online booking value for the month (bookings made through Online Booking Engines, Storefronts and the Bókun API). More information on Bókun Pricing

Do I have to pass the fee to the traveler?
No, you can either pass the fee to the traveler or absorb the fee your self. The 2.9% fee till then be charged to the credit-card listed in your Bókun account on a monthly basis. Note that when you're using Bókun Pay, you always pass the fee.

What does it mean to pass the fee to the traveler?
Instead of you paying the 2.9% of your total online booking value for the month, you can pass the 2.9% fee onto the traveler. The fee will then be added on to the prices you've set in your price catalogue, and the traveller will see a price that is your prices and the 2.9% fee.

Price catalogue price: $100.00 USD
Advertised price: $102.90 USD
Bókun fee: $2.90 USD
You will receive: $100.00 USD

Note that vendors that don't use Bókun Pay to pass the service fee, the payment process is as follows:

  • The traveller pays the full price plus the 2.9% at the time of booking,
  • You receive the full price plus the 2.9% from the traveller
  • Bókun charges your credit-card for the 2.9% at the start of each month.

How do I pass the fee to the traveler?

1. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and then click Bókun service fee.

2. Choose which option you prefer, Absorb the fee or Incorporate the fee into the traveler's total booking cost and click Save Changes

How will this appear in my online booking engine?
These are the price settings for the Experience in the example below:
Price catalogue price: 5,000 ISK
Advertised price: 5,116 ISK
Bókun fee: 116 ISK
The vendor will receive: 5,000 ISK

The advertised price will appear in the booking calendar.

The price for the tour appears separate from the 2.9% fee. If you have added tax as well, it will appear separately.

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