When using Bókun, it is no longer necessary to manually confirm each OTA booking. If your products are "on-request” or “manual confirmation” on Viator, TripAdvisor Experiences, or other OTAs, we recommend you change your products to be instantly bookable.

How to change products in Viator from On-request to Instant confirmation

1. Log in to your TripAdvisor/Viator account (or other OTA account)
2. Navigate to the Booking details tab and click Edit

3. Update the confirmation method to Instant Confirmation. And while you're in your Viator account, we recommend looking at your booking cut-off time and reducing to less than 12 hours. Reducing your booking cut-off time could increase your bookings by 16%.

How to change products in Bókun from On-request to Instant confirmation

  1. Navigate to Products > Experiences and choose the product you want to edit from the list
  2. Navigate to the Availability > Capacity in the booking editor on the left hand side
  3. Choose Limited number and click Continue

Once you've made the change in your OTA account, log into Bókun and update your availability and booking cut-off time accordingly. More information on adding availability. For an even better traveler experience and even more exposure we recommend you reduce your booking cut-off time to less than 12 hours. More information on booking cut-off.

Once you've updated the availability and cut-off time, send us a message through the chat or email us at support@bokun.io and we'll get your product connected between Bókun and Viator.

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