This article takes you through the steps of connecting your existing domain to your Bókun website. If you don't own a domain yet, take a look at this article which will help you with the purchase of a new domain.

If you have a domain from, NameCheap or GoDaddy

If you’re using one of the above, you can follow our tailed step-by-step guides below:

How to connect your domain to your Bókun website
How to connect your NameCheap domain to your Bókun website
How to connect you GoDaddy domain to your Bókun website

If you’re using a different provider

If your domain is purchased with a different provider, go to the DNS management page within your domain provider account (please note this may have a different name, depending on the provider).

If you need help finding your DNS management page, we recommend you visit your providers’ help centre. Most domain providers have helpful instructions specific to their platform, alternatively, you can contact your providers customer service.

Tip: We recommend taking a screenshot or writing down the current values in your DNS management page as a backup, before entering the new details below.

The below details are values from Bókun you’ll need to enter into your DNS management page (within your domain provider account) in order to connect your Bókun website to your existing domain.

Record 1:

Type: A
Host/Name: @
Value/IP address:
TTL: Automatic or 1 hour (or 3600)

Record 2:

Type: A
Host/Name: @
Value/IP address:
TTL: Automatic or 1 hour (or 3600)

Record 3:

Host/Name: www
Value/IP address: <yoursubdomain>
TTL: Automatic or 1 hour (or 3600)

Please note: If you receive an error whilst entering in Record 2, stating it is the same type, please skip record 2 and enter in just record 1 & 3.

Please see an example of that could look like (screenshot is taken from GoDaddy):

Not sure who your domain provider is?

You can enter your domain URL (your website address) into the search bar on this website. This will tell you who the domain registrar is (domain provider), when this was registered and when this is due expire.

Domain connected but it’s still not working?

Once connected it can take up to 48 hours for this to reflect correctly. If it still isn’t live after that period, you can also check that the details are correct under

Here you want to check that the IP address is showing correctly, this should be:

If the IP address listed doesn’t match the one above, you’ll have to follow the steps again to ensure that this has been entered correctly. Contact your domain provider if you continue having the same issue.

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