What is a managed website?
A managed website is a fully functional website you can create in your Bókun account to easily sell your products online. You can customise the booking engines and the theme and you can add links to your social media as well as your logo. You get a unique URL as well to share with your future customers.

What does a managed website look like?
Here's an example of a managed website.

How can I get a managed website?
You can create your own managed website in Bókun by clicking on Online Sales Tools > Edit channel > Website. Learn more about how to create managed websites.

Are bookings through managed websites subject to a charge?
Yes. Any confirmed online booking through a managed website will have a service fee of 2.9%. Learn more about Bókun pricing.

How do I accept payments through a managed website?
You can accept payments through managed websites by adding a payment provider. Learn more about payment providers.

Do I have to accept online payments?
No, you can allow your customers to pay on arrival so you don't need to add a payment provider. You can find the options in the booking channel settings under Online Sales Tools > Edit channels > Checkout options Learn more about payment options.

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