What is a Bókun website?
A Bókun website is a fully functional website you can create in your Bókun account to easily sell your products online. You can fully customize the website to fit your brand image by editing the colours, features, information, elements, etc. in the easily accessible website editor. Bókun provides a unique domain that you can share with your customer, you can also add your own domain if you prefer!

How can I get a Bókun website?
You can create your own website in Bókun by clicking the Create website button in the top right corner of your Bókun account. Learn more about how to create a Bókun website.

Can I have my own domain for my website?
Yes, you can have your very own domain for your Bókun website. Learn more about domains.

What does a Bókun website look like?
Bókun websites are very customizable, so they can have all different types of looks. Here's an example of a Bókun website.

What is the price for a Bókun website?
he price for a Bókun website is USD 49 per month. This will be billed to the credit-card linked to your Bókun account.

Are bookings through Bókun websites subject to a charge?
Yes. Any confirmed online booking through a Bókun website will have a service fee of 2.9%. Learn more about Bókun pricing.

How do I accept payments through a Bókun website?
You can accept payments through managed websites by adding a payment provider of your choice. Learn more about payment providers.

Do I have to accept online payments?
No, you can allow your customers to Pay on arrival so you don't need to add a payment provider. You can find the options in the booking channel settings under Sales Tools > Booking Channel > Payment methods > Allow additional payment methods. Learn more about payment options.

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