What is the Product booking feed?

The Product Booking feed shows you all individual product bookings made for the products you supply. 

As a default newest Product bookings are displayed first.

How is it different from the Sales Feed?

One booking in the sales feed can contain several product bookings.

In the product booking feed every single product booking is listed, each identified by an individual product booking number.

How to filter and search the feed.

At the top of the Product booking feed, there are several search and filtering fields to choose from. You can access more search fields by selecting "More search options."

These are the available fields: 

Booking ref: Name, Notes, Email address: Search by booking reference number, names, notes and the traveler's e-mail address

Payment ref: Search by the payment reference number provided by your payment provider. You can find the number by selecting the Payments tab in any booking or in your Payment list. 

Ext. booking ref: Search by the external booking reference number generated by any of your connected OTAs

Supplier: Filter to find product bookings made by a specific supplier

Seller: Filter to find product bookings made by a certain seller

Booking channel: Filter to find product bookings made through a specific booking channel 

Promo code: Filter to find product bookings made with a specific promo code

User: Filter product bookings by the user who created them. The users are any of your active, internal users

Sort by: Order the product bookings by either travel date or booking date

On the right hand side, you have the option to filter by Travelled date and/or Booked date

Right in top of the feed you can chose to view either confirmed or cancelled product bookings.

What information is displayed on the feed?

Booking ref: The product booking number is listed on top, click this and you will be moved to the individual product booking page. Below this number is the booking number and the booking date at the bottom

Customer: The name on the booking along with e-mail and name of the product booked. If the product is a part of a combo booking the parent product will also be listed.

Status: Here you can see the pax booked, the status of the booking (confirmed, cancelled etc.) Name of the supplying vendor, travel date and start time

Salesource: Where the booking was made and by what user.

Price: The price of the product booking and discount if applicable.

Payment status: Status of the payment in Bókun (Paid in full, deposit etc.)

More options:

You can export the Product booking feed to a spreadsheet for further analysis. by selecting the "Export to spreadsheet" button in the top right hand corner.

You can also add a new booking by selecting the "Add" button. This will take you to the Book: Experiences section of Bókun.

By selecting the Sales overview report option you will be moved to the Sales overview report in Bókun.

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