Reports are a great way to analyse and understand how your business is performing to help you make critical business decisions and increase your revenue. This app allows you to create your own custom reports with our powerful report builder. For example, you can create specific reports on pick up and drop off locations, cancellations, discounts offered.

How do I get the Custom Reports App?

In your Bókun account, click App Store in the left-hand side menu. Click the Custom Reports app and then click Install App. You can find further information on how to manage your Apps is here.

Does the app cost anything?

The Custom Reports App is a separate Bókun App within the App Store. Bókun PRO users can add the Custom Reports App to their subscription for $19 per month.

How to create a custom report

1. Click Reports > Custom Reports in the left-hand side menu in your Bókun account.
2. Click Add in the right-hand corner.

For reports on Experiences, select ACTIVITY_BOOKINGS"

Note that if you need reports on Transport, Car rental or Accommodation, please contact our support team.

Add the following information to create your Custom Report:

Title: Select a descriptive title for your report.

Column: Select the information you want showing in your report from the drop-down list. 

Filters vs Dynamic filters: You can decide if you want to filter your report by certain criteria. 

  • Filters apply the criteria immediately to your report when it is generated

  • Dynamic filters allow you to do the filtering within the report itself and change the criteria as you view it.

Sorting column: Select what you want to sort your report by.
Sorting order: Select whether you want to sort your report in descending order or ascending order.

Click Save and go back to your list of custom reports. You can now generate your custom report by clicking it in the list.

Once opened, you can click Export to spreadsheet to generate an Excel document containing your report.

If needed, you can make changes to your report by editing your report under Edit report configuration or delete it by selecting the red rubbish can.


Here's an example of a custom report for a pick-up location. The vendor would like to know how many participants he's picked up at the Oasia Hotel.

These are the settings needed:


  2. Filter is PICKUP_PLACE_TITLE is Oasia Hotel

And this is the report:

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