In the following article we will go over the steps required to integrate the Facebook Pixel to your Bókun widgets.

Note that the Facebook pixel is currently only compatible with the older version of our online booking engines (widgets).

Before we begin, we recommend that you take a look at these lessons made by Facebook Business: 

There, the Pixel and its creation process are explained in detail. 

Here we will only cover the basics.

1. Create you pixel

1.1 Start by navigating to the Pixel section under Events manager:

1.2 Click "Create a Pixel":

1.3 Name your pixel and click continue (you can skip entering your website URL since that is optional):

1.4 Click „manually install pixel code yourself“

1.5 Copy the code provided:

2. Install the Pixel to your Bókun widgets

Now you will add the Pixel code as a CUSTOM_HEAD code. 

You can do this directly on to your preferred widget (see step: 2.7.1) or you can save it as a widget resource which makes repeated use easier.

2.1 Select the gear icon in the top right corner, and click Widget resource:

2.2 Select "ADD":

2.3 Name your Resource and select "CUSTOM_HEAD" as Resource type:

2.4 Paste the code into the field below and click "Save":

2.4 Now you can add the resource to your widgets. Navigate to the gear icon and select "Widgets":

2.5 Click on the name of the widget you want to add the Pixel code too:

2.6  Under "Resource references" you should now be able to select your resource and click "Add":

2.7 Now that your resource is selected click "Save" and you are done! 

2.7.1 If you only want to add the code to a single type of widget you can paste it directly into the widget settings here:

As always, if you run into any issues with this process you can start a chat with Bókun support and we will be happy to help you.

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