You can now email your customers who booked through Viator and TripAdvisor Experiences! Traveler-protected email addresses are now generated for Viator bookings, visible in your Bókun sales feed. 

Why have we made this change?

We’re surfacing the customer’s email address to make communication between all parties easier, whilst still keeping personal information protected.

What is a traveler-protected email address?

A traveler-protected email address is an automatically generated, encrypted email address which is shown instead of the traveller’s actual email address. Any emails sent to the encrypted email address can be replied to by the traveler as normal. For example, you will be able to email a traveler at an address such as

How long do the temporary email addresses last?
The email addresses will be valid until 30 days after the travel date has occurred.

How can I now communicate with Viator travelers?
To contact your Viator customers through Bókun, you can now send them a manual email through the Sales Feed: How to send a manual email to your customers.

Automated Messages to your Customers
Sales Feed Report

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