Bókun release a new website builder in February 2020. To easily accept bookings through your very own website, create your very own custom website in Bókun. How to create a Bókun website.

Below is an example of managed website:

Note that Managed websites are only available for vendors that signed up before February 2020.

First Things First:

  1. Add a Booking channel - this is your website
  2. Add a Payment Provider - needed if you intend to accept payments online
  3. Create Terms and conditions - needed for the checkout process

You need a booking channel for your new website. You can use an existing one and then your website will have the same settings as the existing booking channel. You can also create a new booking channel for your website if you'd like the settings to be different, e.g. regarding payments, customer information asked, etc. Follow the steps below to create a new booking channel.

1. Click Sales Tools in the top bar and then click Booking Channels in the dropdown. 

2. Click the blue "New Channel" button to create a new Booking Channel

How to Create a Website

1. Navigate to Sales Tools in the menu and click Widgets in the dropdown.

2. Locate your new booking channel that you created for your new website in the dropdown and then click "edit channel"

3. Follow the Booking Channel setup wizard on the left hand side to setup all the necessary information for your new Booking Channel. Remember to click the blue "Save & Continue" button in each step. 

4. Navigate to the "Website" part of the booking channel setup wizard to setup your new website.

5. In the General Information part, you have these options:

Activate website: Enabling this button below will make your Bókun-generated website accessible and visible online.
Title: This is the title of your website. It will appear on the front page once enabled online
Website subdomain: This will be the beginning of your website's URL. Example: bokuntoursandactivites.website.bokun.io or adventuresoficeland.website.bokun.io. Note: these examples don't have active websites.
Logo: Drag your logo to the box to upload. The logo will appear on your website.
Links to Social Media: Add your social media urls to the footer of the front page.

6. In the Frontpage part, you have these options:

Default theme: Out of the box Bókun theme, suited for your products. This theme is ready to use, you can click "Save & Continue" and your website is ready to use. 

Custom theme: Create and customise your own theme. You can put together different types of boxes to use on your front page. You can add new boxes by clicking the blue "+" sign and then you can order them around by clicking the arrow buttons. You can also preview the front page on the right hand side.

7. Click the blue "Save & Continue" button 

8. Locate the URL for your new webpage in the "General information" section and visit your brand new website.


Bookings that come through your managed website appear in the Bókun Sales Feed like all other bookings. They include the name of the booking channel you created for your new website so you can easily see which bookings are coming through your brand new website.

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