What is the new Bókun Pricing?
Bookings made on your own website through the Bókun Online Booking Widgets, the Bókun Websites or the Storefront will incur a service fee of 2.9%, and you can choose to either absorb the fee or incorporate it into the traveller’s total booking cost.

Bookings made through resellers will be completely free. That means you will not pay Bókun for bookings from online travel agents (OTAs) such as Viator or Expedia, as well as resellers you have created partnerships with using the Bókun Marketplace, travel agents, or offline booking sources.

What’s included for free:

  • Distribution through OTAs, including Expedia, Viator, GetYourGuide, and many more 
  • Access to thousands of global resellers in the Bókun Marketplace
  • Offline booking management
  • Real-time availability for travel agents and hotel concierges
  • Inventory and resource management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Unlimited users

You only pay for bookings made on your website:

  • Bókun Online Booking Engine Widget
  • Bókun Websites
  • Storefront website builder
  • Bókun API

*And all paying customers receive Premium Support. Pay a service fee of just 2.9%, which you can choose to pay directly or to incorporate into the traveler's total booking cost. 

Why did Bókun change my price?

  • Our goal is to offer a solution that all suppliers can afford.
  • Our intent is to remain the most competitive option in the industry, and that is why Bókun is now free to use to connect and sell across all resellers.
  • Now all bookings from online travel agents (OTAs) such as Viator or Expedia, as well as resellers that suppliers have created partnerships with using the Bókun B2B Marketplace, travel agents, and offline booking sources are all completely free.
  • We are continuously investing in great new features to help our suppliers sell their products everywhere their customers may be.

Will the price change again?
There is currently no plan for additional price changes. Our goal is to bring suppliers online, and to do that, we will continue to offer a solution that suppliers can afford.  Our intent is to remain the most competitive option in the industry.

I only want to connect with online travel agencies. How much will I pay if I do not want to use your Bókun online booking engine?
If you would like to only utilize Bókun to connect with online travel agencies, Bókun is completely free. 

Are manual bookings still free?
Manual and offline bookings are free.

Does this pricing change apply to online booking engine widgets on all channels, e.g. website, Facebook page, etc.?
Yes. All direct online booking made through the Bókun Online Booking Engine Widgets, Bókun Websites, Storefront Website Builder, or Bókun API will be charged a 2.9% fee, which can be incorporated into the traveler’s total booking cost or paid directly by the operator.

How will combo products be charged?
If you are accepting direct online bookings through Bókun either via online booking engine or API, you will pay 2.9%. Only the operator who is accepting the booking on their website will pay the service fee. 

If a sales agent uses the online booking engine, for example at a hotel, is there still a 2.9% service fee?
Yes. For any confirmed online booking, whether direct online or via a Storefront will have a service fee of 2.9%. 

Why is it free? How is Bókun and TripAdvisor benefiting from me not paying? Are you taking my data and information instead?
Bókun does not share our customer data with the TripAdvisor Experiences/Viator account management teams. Trust is a brand value at TripAdvisor. We made that commitment and we stand by it. Our goal is to bring the industry online - and that requires a product that’s not only powerful, but also affordable for operators of any size, in any market.  That’s why our new model makes the majority of our channels free, and offers an entirely cost-free option for operators. 

I sell free products in Bókun. Is there still a fee?
No, Bókun charges 2.9% of your total direct online bookings. If you offer free products, the 2.9% will not pertain to you.

We are here to help if you have any questions. Simply reach out to support@bokun.io

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