The Booking Calendar offers an overview of all the departures available for all of your experiences. It allows you to filter the departures by experiences, resources, assignment and capacity. 

In the Booking Calendar you can:

  • Edit Availability
  • Close departures 
  • View passenger lists for each departure
  • Assign Resources to each departure 

You can locate the booking calendar under Bookings > Calendar. 

Filtering and viewing

You can view the booking calendar either by week or by day by toggling the button in the top left corner.

You can filter the departures by experience, resource, assignment and capacity by choosing a filter in the dropdown in the top right corner.


You can click a single departure to get further information and to make changes. When you first click a single departure in the booking calendar, you get a blue message offering you to add resources. Here's some further information on how to create resources: Resource management

When resources have been created you can assign them to each departure. Resources can be drivers, guides, cars, kayaks, ATVs, etc.

In the departure overview you can also make changes or get further information:

  • Click the name of the tour to go to the product overview.
  • Click the blue "view bookings" button to get a passenger list for the departure. There you can check-in the passengers for the departure. You can also find a more detailed passenger list under reports > passenger list.
  • Click the "Closeout" button on the right hand side to close out the departure.
  • Click the "Edit availability" to edit the availability for the experience.

Assign resources in bulk

To assign resources to multiple departures at a time, click the "actions" button in the top right corner and click "assign resources."

Select the type of resource and the resource from the drop-down. You can then check all the departures that you'd like to assign this resource to. Remember to click "assign resources." 

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