What is Sponsored Placement?

We’re excited to announce that Bokun customers are being offered Sponsored Placement on TripAdvisor. This new feature is a high-visibility placement on the TripAdvisor site for new and existing Bokun-connected suppliers.

  • Sponsored Placements will live on TripAdvisor’s Things-To-Do cover page, as well as on product category pages and will display a “Sponsored” badge.
  • All new and existing Bokun-connected suppliers with eligible products will have automatic access to this placement. There is nothing you need to do to "opt in". There is no fee or additional sign-up steps required.
  • Eligible products will surface and rotate every time a page is refreshed.

How do I know if my products are eligible?

  • Suppliers must be connected to Bokun software and products must have a three bubble rating or higher – this is to ensure TripAdvisor is surfacing the highest quality products to their travelers.
  • Sponsored Placements are evaluated at the individual product-level; regardless of your overall bubble rating. 
  • Determination of eligibility is in TripAdvisor’s sole discretion. They may reassess eligibility requirements as they continue to test performance and consider evolving Sponsored Placements as a solution that’s in line with TripAdvisor’s broader advertising offerings.   

How can I find my products live on Sponsored Placement?

TripAdvisor has created an automated process by which their teams are able to select all eligible products. Products are then randomly selected and refreshed every time a page is loaded.

  • Since the process is automated and randomized, we don’t offer any guaranteed placement per page.
  • Since the Sponsored listings constantly refresh, there isn’t a way to guarantee you can spot your listings exposure in the moment.

Is there reporting where I can see the impact of Sponsored Placement on my bookings?

This is the first evolution of Sponsored Placement on TripAdvisor’s Things To Do page, and they continue to test performance in this first version of the offering. There is not currently any reporting for customers on effects of Placement. 

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