What is Enhanced Connectivity?

We created this feature because we know it’s time-consuming to make changes to your products in the TripAdvisor Experiences (Viator) Management Center and on Bókun. Enhanced Connectivity is built to reduce the platforms you need to use. With it, changes made on Bókun to pricing and content will automatically show up on Viator alongside the current ability to update availability. 

The product information and content on Bókun will replace what you’ve loaded into the TripAdvisor Experiences (Viator) Management Center

What happens to the product content which was originally built in the TripAdvisor Experiences Management Center?

The majority of your product content will be replaced with information in Bókun.  

How do I update my products in Bokun? 

Product Settings

Product Creation Overview

Add availability and update capacity

Close dates


Seasonal pricing

Pick up places

Meeting Points


What information does NOT populate in TripAdvisor Experiences Management Center?

There are three sections within the TripAdvisor Experiences Management Center that are NOT currently synchronized between systems: Categories & themes, Tour Details, and Cancellation Policy.

Where can I find more information about Enhanced Connectivity?

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