What is a Booking Agent?

Agents are resellers, who are external to Bokun and your organization, and have access to your Bokun product inventory, so that they can make bookings on your behalf. Agents sell your products, and you pay them a commission for that sale. Usually, booking agents are people or companies that you currently work with.

What are the Advantages of Using Booking Agents?
Adding Booking Agents can help reduce the extra time it takes to manually add reservations from outside your organization into your reservation system. 

For example, if you work with a local travel agency that sells your products, and they call you each time to make a reservation, you can add them as Booking Agent in Bokun, so that they can book products themselves without having to call you. 

How can Booking Agents Book my Products?

How Do I Pay My Booking Agent Their Commission?

To pay an agent their commission, you will have to communicate with them directly and come up with a system to do it outside of Bokun. Bokun does not process any types of payments. You can keep track of your agents' sales by using the Agent Sales Report.

Where Can I find the Agent Sales Report?

You can find the Agent Sales Report by selecting "Reports" > "Agent Sales".

What are the Different Ways Booking Agents Can Purchase My Products?

When you create a new Booking Agent, you have three options to select from:

1. Affiliate: The Booking Agent uses the traveler's credit card to book at full price using their Bokun login or Booking Area. 

The payment is processed by the supplier through their payment provider. The supplier then owes commission to the agent.
An example is a hotel concierge, where the traveler could book and pay in the hotel's Booking Area. Then the Booking Agent would receive commission from the supplier.

  • The supplier must have a payment provider on file for their internal bookings channel

2. Reseller: The Booking Agent creates a booking on behalf of their traveler using Bokun login or Booking Area. The Booking Agent collects the payment from traveler separately. The supplier then invoices the Booking Agent for the net price of the booking (full price minus commission).

  • The Booking Agent must have positive balance or overdraft limit. Agents can only book up to the value specified in their monthly overdraft limit. For example, if their overdraft limit is $1000 and the agent has booked $900 for the month, they will be not be able to complete a booking for $200.

3. Customer: The Booking Agent uses a credit card to book at the net price using their Bokun login or Booking Area. The payment is processed by the supplier using their payment provider. The supplier does not owe or invoice anything. TheBooking Agent charges the traveler the full price to make a commission.

  • Supplier must have a payment provider on file for their internal bookings channel.

What is Overdraft Limit?

Overdraft limit is the cap at which you allow your booking agent to make bookings for until he has to renew his overdraft. For example, if you give an agent a cap of  100.000 USD, he can book up to that amount before he has to pay you to renew his overdraft. 

How Do I Add Overdraft Limit for my Agent?

To add overdraft limit go to "Contracts" > "Booking Agents". 

Select the Booking Agent you want to give overdaft limit to. Make sure the Booking Agents are set as reseller.

Under Overdraft limit, click edit and type the amount you want to add.

If I add a booking agent as a user of Bokun to make bookings, what will they be able to see?

Agents have limited access to Bokun. Booking agents that are users will only have access to the Book: Experiences area and they will only be able to see their own sales.

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