Before you can connect Bokun and Expedia, you need to have an Expedia account set up with products, as well as your Bokun account set up with products. To sign up with Expedia Local Expert click on this link. 

What is a live integration?

A live integration means that when a customer is looking at your products on Expedia it will be displaying availability from Bokun. When a booking is created on Expedia, it will be delivered directly into your Bókun account, updating the availability of all your connected channels at the same time.

IMPORTANT: Before you begin the integration process, make sure that your products (activities on Expedia), start times, rates, pricing categories (ticket types on Expedia) are matching on both platforms. 

Step 1: Connecting Bókun and Expedia

1. Select "Contracts" > "Online Travel Agencies (OTA's)".

2. Select Expedia and then click "Sell through this channel" to begin integration:

Please note that this does not automatically connect your accounts. The actual connection is made by Expedia.

Step 2:  Reach out to your account manager at Expedia and request a Bokun integration. Please provide your Bokun ID to the account manager.

What happens behind the scenes
is that your account manager at Expedia will either connect you or have Bokun fill out the information needed to connect. Providing your Bokun ID is required to accurately fill out the connectivity files.
When completed, the file will be sent back to your Expedia representative. It takes approximately 48-72 hours for the integration to be completed once the Expedia representative receives the file back. Once Expedia connects your products, you will be fully connected!

There are few things you need to keep in mind: 

  • Information on prices does not get collected from Bokun. The prices that appear on Expedia are the prices you add to Expedia when you create your products. Expedia only collects information on availability availability from Bokun.
  • Updating availability in Bokun will automatically update in real-time across any distribution channels you have connected with Bokun. This includes adding new availability and closing out specific dates and times. 
  • Start times, Rates, and Pricing categories in Expedia must match the information in Bokun. If you need to delete any of these, please reach out to Bokun. Deleting a start time, rate or price category that is connected will break the connection.

What do I do if I need to update my products?

Please contact your account manager if you need to update or add: 

  • Pricing categories/ ticket types
  • Rates
  • Group or private tour options
  • Start times 
  • Add new products 

What happens after the integration is live?

  • Bookings from all products connected to Expedia will appear instantly and automatically in your Bokun system.
  • Expedia will continue processing the payment from your customers, You will invoice Expedia and get paid from Expedia as before.
  • If you change one of your products, e.g. update pricing categories in Bokun, you will have to notify your account manager at Expedia and they will have to update your connection with Expedia. 

What do I need to do when I add a new product in Bókun or Expedia? 

If you want to create new products, you must add the new products to both Expedia and Bokun. To learn more please take a look at this article.

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