Availability is the minimum and maximum capacity of passengers you can accommodate for each departure time per day, e.g. a maximum 15 passengers for the 10:00am start time.

How to add and edit availability:

1. To add or update current availability on existing products, start by selecting Products, then Experiences, on the side navigation.

2. Click the name of the experience you want to add availability to.

3. To add or edit availability, go to the availability section in the left hand side menu.

4. Fill out the availability settings

Select the type of availability you want to apply to the product:

  • Date and time: This setting will allow travellers to select a specific date and a specific start time
  • Just date, no time: This setting will allow travellers to only select a specific date
  • Pass: This setting is recommended for products that do not have start time, but that are open activities like museums or a hop on hop off bus

Booking cut-off
Select the booking cutoff for the experience from the drop-down list. You can enter a custom booking cutoff by choosing the option I want to define my own booking cutoff.

Choose the capacity for the experience; free sale, limited or on-request. Please note that on-request experiences can not be connected to Viator. 

Date and time experiences

Start times

Add your start times by selecting + Add start time. This feature only applies to Date and time experiences. You can also see the reference number, the duration and the linked rates.

When editing existing start times or adding new ones, you can choose if you'd like your start times to be in 24hour format or AM/PM. You can also change the duration for that particular start time and add an optional label.

Just date, no time experiences

Departure options

Toggle the switch if you want to let your customers choose their preferred start time from a list of start times which you can add by selecting "+ Add another one."

Pass experiences

Pass settings

If your experience is a Pass experience, the next step is to configure pass settings. You can choose the expiration of the pass and the global capacity:

Operating hours
Enable operating hours and tick the boxes next to the days your experience is open and add the Operating hours. Note, you only need opening hours for Pass products, you do not need to add operating hours for regular day tours.

Date and time & Just date, no time experiences


The calendar is where you add the availability and/or start time for each experience.

To add availability, select Add availability. You can view your availability calendar either in ‘week’ or ‘month’ format. Choose the view in the drop-down list on the left hand side.

If your experience is Just date, no time experience, you can view availability per day. If your experience is a Date and time experience you can view availability per departure time and per day. To view and edit rules click View availability

Select an availability rule type

Repeat weekly on selected days: This rule will repeat for selected days until the end date or, if you leave the end date field empty, it will be recurring indefinitely.

Repeat yearly on selected days: This rule will repeat for selected days until the end date or, if you leave the end date field empty, it will be recurring indefinitely.

Happens between selected days: This rule type applies only for a specific time frame, such a month, or a specific season.

Happen on a selected day: This rule only applies to a specific date, for example Christmas Day.

Affected days: Choose which days this rule applies to, for example, Mondays and Wednesdays.

Participants (PAX): Choose the minimum and maximum numbers of passengers for the availability, for example, minimum 1 and maximum 10 passengers.

Affected start times: If your product has more than one start time, you can choose what start times the rule applies to, for example just 12:00 AM or multiple start times.

Choose a rule color: Choose a specific color for the rule.

Preview of rule: You can see a week preview of the rule on the right hand side.

When you’re ready, click Save.

You'll be able to see the minimum and maximum number of passengers per departure and, at the bottom, the number of seats that are left. 

How to edit availability

If you would  like to edit the availability for a specific departure, for example offer more seats than usual at busy times, or fewer seats during quiet periods, you can toggle the plus and minus symbols found on either side of the total number of available seats for each departure. The editor creates a new rule automatically (shown below as dark green color).

Close out availability for a specific departure

You can click the small x in the top right hand corner of the departure to close it out.

Priority of rules
You can edit the priority of the rules by clicking View availability and then clicking and dragging rules to change their priority. The rules that are on the bottom are the ones that are in effect.

How to closeout dates
You can add closeouts to your experiences by selecting Products on the top menu bar and from the drop down list select Closeouts or by clicking the x in the top right corner of each departure. Closeouts appear in the availability calendar as shown below:

How to edit or remove a rule
You can remove a rule by selecting the rule in the calendar and then choose the option Remove this rule. You can also edit the rule by selecting Edit this rule.

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