This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to get cancelled bookings to your Google Calendar.

If you have not set up and account with you need to do so before proceeding.

Step 1: Login into your Zapier account

  1. Click on Make a zap in the top right corner
  2.  Search for webhook by Zapier and select it 

   3. Select Catch hook and click Save + Continue
   4. Click Continue
   5. Copy paste text field
   6. Open a new tab and sign into your Bokun account  
7. Go to the hidden menu by clicking the gear icon, then click on integrated systems
   8. Click Add and select HTTP product booking notification    
 (NOT HTTP booking notification)
   9. Copy and paste text into URL field
   10. Title: Booking Cancelled
   11. Select the box "notify on booking cancelled"
   12. Navigate back to Zapier
   13. Refresh the page so Hook A appears and select. 

How settings should appear in Bokun within the integrated systems section 

During this step Zapier will try to find a cancelled booking. It is recommended that you cancel the booking you created for Part 1 of the Zapier integration. 

Step 2: Cancel a Booking in Bokun for Zapier Webhook

  1. Navigate to the Salesfeed 
  2. Select the correct product based on the Product Confirmation Code from Part 1 (booking created) 
  3. Cancel the booking 
  4. Go back to Zapier
  5. Zapier will display a “Hook A”, select that hook
  6. Click "Done Editing" 

Step 3: Configuring Google Calendar

  1. Select Google Calendar as the app in the second step 
  2. Choose the correct google calendar account (needs to be the same as the account in Part 1: Booking Created) 
  3. Fill out template, this will be the template for all bookings that are made and how they will appear in your Google calendar -- this template can be similar to the picture below 
  4. Need to have start and end date/time match the Part 1: Booking Created 
  5. Use code #dc2127 -- while optional this will give a cancelled event a red color on your calendar versus the default blue. 
  6. Click Continue 

Important -- make sure to account for timezone differences (this integration operates in UTC 0 or GMT +/- 0). 

Finishing your Zap:

  1. Click "Test & Continue" 
  2. If success will see the below picture 
  3. If successful turn on your Zap and name it "Booking Cancelled" 

Always double check your Google calendar to ensure the cancelled booking appears. If you are struggling to finish this Zap or other aspects of the Google Calendar integration don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support! 

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