This guide covers how to have your bookings automatically updated when you rebook an experience for a customer.

Please note Updating Bookings integration will require a payed for Zapier account as this integration requires a multi-step zap

If you have not set up and account with and completed Part 1, follow the steps in this article before continuing with Part 2 or 3.

Step 1: Login into your Zapier account

  1. Click on Make a Zap in the top right corner
  2. Search for webhook by zapier and select it 

   3. Select Catch hook and click Save + Continue
   4. Click Continue
   5. Copy custom webhook URL
   6. Open a new tab and sign into your Bokun account  
7. Go to the Cog Wheel (gear icon in the top right), then click on Integrated Systems
   8. Click Add and select HTTP product booking notification      
       (NOT HTTP booking notification)
   9. Paste custom webhook URL in the URL section
   10. Title: Booking Updated
   11. Select the box Notify on booking updated and Active
   12. Navigate back to Zapier

Step 2: Update an Experience in Bokun
It is recommended you search for the booking you made in Google Calendar Integration: Part 1. Will need to search for a booking by Confirmation Code.  

  1. Go to Bokun> Salesfeed>Search for the booking using the Invoice Product Confirmation Code   
  2. Select a confirmation code (select the top product code) 
  3. Update experience to a new date & start time (keep other aspects of the booking the same) If you are unsure how to rebook an experience please visit the following helpdesk article How to Rebook an Experience (just change the date/start time) 
  4. Go back to Zapier
  5. Zapier will display a Hook A, click continue
  6. Select Done Editing 

Step 3: Finding the Event in Google Calendar:
Need to add this as your second step for this zap. This zap allows Zapier to search for and update a customers booking. 

  1. Select Google Calendar as the app to connect (Select the same Google Calendar from How to Connect Bokun to Google Calendar - (Part 1).)
  2. For Choose Action Event select Find Event from the drop down 
  3. Within Choose Account select your google calendar 
  4. Select your Calendar 
  5. For Search Term type Confirmation Code into the drop down menu (drop down menu is + sign surrounded by 4 lines to the right hand side) 

6. Test & Review -- A successful test will find the event 

Step 4: Updating the Event in your Calendar
This will be the 3rd and final step of your Zap. 

  1. Select the + sign below and add a new step 
  2. Select Google Calendar as the App and the Choose Action Event should be Update Event 
  3. Select the calendar you have used in the previous Step 3: Finding the Event in Google Calendar 
  4. For the Event factor select use a Custom Value for Event ID (Custom value can be found by selecting the dropdown menu from the down arrow
  5. Once you have selected Custom Value ID a new new field Custom Value for Event ID will appear 
  6. select 2: Find Event, (not 1: Catch Hook) should look similar to nbabrc5l609rpvub0f4k04g1e0
  7. Can keep summary and description data similar to Part 1
  8. IMPORTANT! -- Make sure your Start/End Date & Time is accounted for timezone differences (+/- hr) This should be the same as How to Connect Bokun to Google Calendar - (Part 1).
  9. Test & review 
  10. A successful test will show the rebooked experience moved to the correct date and time. 
  11. (If successful) Turn on your Zap 

If successful you should have a Zap that has 3 steps and total and looks like the picture below. 

If you are struggling to finish this Zap or other aspects of the Google Calendar integration don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support! 

How to Connect Bokun to Google Calendar - (Part 1)
How to Connect Bokun to Google Calendar- Canceled Bookings (Part 3)

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