This integration is for experience products only.
Step 1:
You need to set up an account with and connect your Google calendar with Zapier.
Please note that when signing up you will be enrolled in a free 7 day premium account which reverts to a standard/free account at the end of the trial

You do not need a premium Zapier account to integrate new bookings or cancelled bookings. 

For instructions on how to connect Zapier and Google Calendar visit this page

Once you have set up an account with Zapier, you can continue with the following steps. This article covers how to add new bookings to Google Calendar. 

Step 2: Login into your Zapier account

  1. Click on Make a zap in the top right corner
  2. Search for webhook by zapier and select it 

   3. Select Catch hook and click Save + Continue
   4. Click Continue
   5. Copy paste text field
   6. Open a new tab and sign into your Bokun account
7. Go to the Cog Wheel (gear icon in the top right), then click on Integrated Systems
   8. Click Add and select HTTP product booking notification
(NOT HTTP booking notification)
   9. Copy and paste text into URL field
   10. Title: Booking Created
   11. Select the box "Notify on booking confirmed"
   12. Navigate back to Zapier
   13. Click on blue button that says “I did this”

How settings should appear in Bokun within the integrated systems section 

During this step Zapier will try to find a new booking made. If you are not getting constant bookings you can create a manual booking in Bokun to ensure Zapier and Bokun are connected. 

Create a Manual Booking in Bokun:

  1. Go to Bokun> Bookings> Book: Experiences
  2. Select a product and make a booking
  3. Go back to Zapier
  4. Zapier will display a “Hook A”, click continue
  5. Select Google Calendar as the app to connect 
  6. For "Choose Action Event" select Create Detailed Event from the drop down 
  7. Within "Choose Account" select your google calendar 
  8. Within "Customize Detailed Event" Fill out template, this will be the template for all bookings that are made and how they will appear in your Google calendar when cancelled. 

Fill Out the Template:

Calendar: select your calendar -- it is important to make sure that you select the same google calendar as selected in the previous step
Summary: Add the title of the booking
Description: This is the information you want to appear in you calendar

  • To add customers’ name select:  “Parent Booking Customer First Name” and “Parent Booking Customer Last Name”
  • To add a confirmation code select "Product Confirmation Code"
  • Title of tour is the "Activity Title" 

Start date/time: the time that the tour begins
End date/ time: the time that the tour ends

The integration operates in UTC+0 so if the timezone you operate in is ahead or behind you must account for that time difference. There must be a space between eh code and the +/-hr 

Finishing your Zap:

  1. Send to Google Calendar
  2. Add a name to your Zap, for example: Booking Created in Bokun
  3. Turn your Zap On

Always check your Google calendar for the test booking that you made. If the booking does not appear make sure that you are pasting the correct text into Bokun.
Be aware that this integration is only good for bookings made in the future. Bookings already made before the connection will not appear.

When completed, you can move onto Part 3: Cancelled Bookings:

How to Connect Bokun to Google Calendar- Canceled Bookings (Part 3)

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