You have three different payment options you can offer on your online booking engines. You can either offer only one option to your customer, or you can offer all three options to your customer and allow them to choose in the booking process what is best for them. 

The three options you have are:

  • Full payment online 
  • Deposit payment online, you can choose the percentage
  • Pay on arrival, no online payment

Note that with deposit payments and allowing the customer to pay on arrival, you need to charge the customer the full amount or remaining amount when they arrive at your location. Alternatively, send them a payment link outside of Bokun before they arrive. Bokun doesn't offer the option to charge the outstanding amount. 

These three payment options are set in your "Checkout" widget. To edit these options you go to the gear icon in the top right corner then you select “Widget” from the side bar:

In widget open the settings for your checkout widget, by selecting its name: 

In the checkout widget you have check boxes for each of the available payment options. Then you have additional settings for each payment option, e.g. you can set deposit only to be available to customers who book more that 60 days in advance, or only offer pay on arrival for last minute bookings.

For each option "Allow full payment", "Allow deposit payment" and "Allow customer to pay upon arrival" you have three settings options: 

  1. Discount if full payment / deposit / pay on arrival. Here you can add percentage discount. E.g. 10% 
  2. Min days before booking for full payment discount / deposit / arrival
    Deposit payments. How many days before departure is this payment option available, e.g. deposit is available until 30 days before departure. 
  3. Full payment  / deposit / pay on arrival discount is percentage. Here you decide if the discount in point 1, is a fixed amount or discount. Percentage discount is recommended. 

When you have set the options as you would like to have them, you can save at the bottom of the page. 

The next step! 

The next step is to add the booking engine to your website and check out how it works. Here you have information on how you can add a booking engine to your website.

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