Some sellers may have two similar products for sale, the only difference being e.g. one having admission to a museum included while the other one doesn't. You can set them up via your rates so that when your customer books the product in your online booking engine, they can select between those two options within one product rather than having to create two separate products. The difference in price will be displayed straight away, before continuing with the booking process.

Setting up the rates

Open your product, navigate to "Rates" on the right of your screen and select "Open step".

Edit or add new rates, depending on your existing setup. You need two rates in this example, one for each option, but you only add one at a time.

Add descriptive titles for the rates, e.g. Walking tour including guided visit to the Louvre and Walking tour - not including Louvre. The titles of the rates are shown in the online booking engine and determine the difference between them when your customer books your experience online. 

Add minimum and maximum passenger capacity, whether you want the price to be per passenger or group, if you offer pick-ups or not along with pricing categories available for the rate. More information on how to set up your rates can be found here.

Once you've saved your changes, you're able to sell those two options of that one product.

Here is a short GIF-movie of the process above.

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