Users are any people that you have granted access to your Bokun account.
You can update your personal user settings as well as other users that you have added.

How to Edit Your Personal User Settings:

To change or update the your user settings, select your initial from the top right corner of the screen. Then select your name; select "User Profile" from the drop down list.

On the this page you are able to update the following information:

E-mail adress
Job Title
Phone number
Time Zone
Update your password
Enable 2-Step Verification using the Google Authenticator App

How to Edit the All User Settings:

To edit or update user settings, go to the cogwheel in the top rigth hand corner of the screen.  Select "Users" from the side menu.

This page will show a list of all Bokun Users.

The red trash bin on the right hand side of the screen will delete users.

The lock icon on the right had side of the screen will let you edit that user's password

The boxes icon on the right hand side of the screen will let you update the user's role.

If you click on the name of the User, you will access their contact information. You will also be able to edit the User Role.

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