You can set up Gift cards which can be used by your customers via your online booking engine.

How to create gift cards

Select "Products" > "Gift Cards".

Click "Add".

Code generation
This is where the code you give to your customers is generated. They use it to redeem their gift card on your booking engines. If you leave the box ticked, Bokun will automatically produce codes for you, just select how many tickets you want you generate, their prefix and length along with the value of the gift cards.

If you want to add the codes manually, untick the box and add your own codes along with the value of the gift cards.

Now select your currency, labels (you can create labels and track your gift card bookings in reports. Here are information on how to create labels.), expiration date (if any) and the products the gift card is valid for if it's not valid for all of them.

Remember to save before continuing

How to activate Gift cards in booking engines

You need to activate the gift card feature in your checkout widget for your customer to be able to use the gift cards.

Select the gear icon up in the top right hand corner and "Widgets" from the drop-down menu.

Open your checkout widget. You open it by selecting the name of the widget. 

Tick the box next to "Allow customer to enter a gift card code" which is located close to the bottom of the page and save your changes.

Your checkout widget will show a field where the customer can add their Gift card code. The discounted price will be calculated once the gift card has been added.

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