What are booking agent terms, and why do I need to create them?

Booking Agent Terms is the contract between a booking agent and yourself. That's where you define the commission or discount the booking agent will receive and the products you want to make available to the booking agent. 

Do I need to create terms for each agent that I work with or can I use the same terms?

You can do both! You can use the same terms for multiple booking agents, or you can create individual contract terms for each agent that you work with. 

How to Create Booking Agent Terms:

1. Select Contracts > Booking agent tools > Booking agent terms

2. Click Add.

3. Fill out the contract information: 

  • Title: The name of the contract terms
  • Price Catalogue: Select the price catalogue that you want to use for this contract terms.
  • Payment currency: Select the currency that you want to use for this contract terms. The currency you select will be the currency that the agent will have to use when making a booking as well as the currency that will be used to invoice your booking agent.
  • Product Distribution: Select a distribution list to choose which products you want to make available to the agent. Here is information on how to set up Product distribution for agents.
  • Product Categories: Select which types of products you want to add to this contract terms. Select from experiences, accommodation, car rentals, and transportation.

4. Add the commission for the product types you selected, extras and pick up/drop off. 

5. If you are giving your booking agent access to products from another supplier (a marketplace supplier), add the supplier in the field on the right side.

Tip: Give your booking agents a lower commission for these products than the commission that your supplier is giving you, so you make a profit.

6. Remember to click Save.

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