What is a Boxed Product?

Boxing a product enables you to override the name and description of your own experiences as well as other suppliers' experiences to better fit your company's brand image and messaging. Boxing is also a great way to make another supplier's products' description more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized.

In order to gain access to another supplier's products, you must be in a Marketplace partnership with them as a reseller.

Another way you can use Boxed Products is to box your own experiences to create different versions of your product. For example, a summer and a winter version of an experience. Boxed Products can help you without having to update your experience description every season. 

What Experience Settings am I Able to Change with Boxed Products?

Boking Products allows you to change the following settings of an experience: title, location, itenerary, description, photos and videos, inclusions, exclusions, know before you go, what to bring, ticket information, and translations.

The experience's price, settings, and availability is controlled by the supplier, and can not be edited.

How Do I Create a Boxed Product?

To create a Boxed Product go to the top menu bar and select  "Products" then select "Experiences" from the dropdown list.

Click on the three dots on the right hand side of the screen and select “Box an experience."

Add the following information:

Title: The name of the boxed product. You can create a new name, or use the existing name created by the supplier. If you do change the name, the name will only dispaly on your booking engine, but the ticket that the customer receives will always show the name of the original product. 

Select an Exeperiece to Box: 

  • Supplier: Select the supplier who owns the product you intend to box
  • Product: Select the product you would like to box from this supplier

What would you like to override? 

  • Photos & videos: Select to override photos & videos
  • Custom fields: Select to override any custom fields the supplier might have added
  • Agenda / itinerary: Select to override agenda / itinerary
  • Route map: Select to override route map

Remember to save your changes.

Where Do I Make Changes to my Boxed Product?

When you save your changes, your boxed Experience product will open up automatically.
The new boxed experience will not appear on your Experieces list. It will be in the Boxed Products list. 

You can find the Boxed Products list by selecting "Boxes" on the right hand side of your Experiences page. 

When you select the boxed product, you will be able to make your desired changes, similarly to when you make changes to a regular Experience product. 

Once you havemade your changes, select "Activate" on the right hand side of the screen, and your boxed product is ready to be used!

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