This modulator only applies to accommodation and car rentals, and has the role of lowering or raising the price depending on how long the guest is staying or how long he is renting the vehicle. You could for example charge a full price for the first 1-3 days and then offer a 10% discount for the following 4-7 days. 

To start with, select "Products" > "Price modulators". 

Select "Add" to create a new price modulator rule. 

Select "Duration price modulator" from the list of available price modulators. 

Define the modulator's settings.

Title: The name of the price modulator 

Price Change: Should it be a fixed amount or percentage? 

Durations: Add the time duration for the modulator, e.g. discount/increase applies to days 10-15 of booking, and the percentage increase or decrease. You can add more than one. Please note that discount is added with a minus (-) prefix

Promote as applied discount: Check this box if you want the booking engine and the voucher to display the discount or the price increase. 

Time interval: Choose the time period the discount/price increase is active. You can add a time period, choose certain days with in a time frame or specific months. 

Select the appropriate price catalog and then select the prices you want to apply discount/price increase to and save your changes.

After configuring the pricing modulation you need to re-publish your pricing catalogue. You do that by finding the price catalog "Products"> "Price catalog" and select "Publish catalog".

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