You can always add additional departure times to your products.

Go to "Products" > "Experiences" and select the product you want to add a new departure time to. Navigate to "Start times" which is located under "Availability" on the left hand side of the screen. 

Select "+ Add start time".

Add your new start time and duration of the experience before selecting "Submit". Please note that you can only add one start time a time so repeat as often as necessary. 

You can add a "Label" to your start time which can be really useful i.e. if you have tours in different languages with the same start time. 

Toggle the switch next to "Different time for pick-up" if you would like the customer ticket to show the pick-up time as the start time for the product, in the case the customer selects pick-up. You can select the pick-up time when the switch is toggled.

Additionally, you can add a pick-up message to appear on your ticket.

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