You can add custom items to existing bookings and add a custom price to the added item, e.g. champagne brunch to a day tour or wine bottle to an accommodation invoice.

Each new line items is added to the base price of the booking. You can add taxes and discounts manually to each of the line items.

How to add a line item to a booking 

Locate the booking in the Sales feed and open it, click on the "Invoices" tab and select "Edit invoice".

Select "+ Add a custom line item".

You can now manually add a name, quantity, unit price, discount and tax (if applicable) of the new line item.

The final invoice will look something like this with the extra line.

If you want to email you customer an updated ticket, select the booking number up in the top right hand corner of your booking.

Click on "E-mail" on the right hand side of the screen, write your message and then tick the box next to "Attach ticket to email" before sending the updated ticket to your customer.

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