Your default currency is the one you selected when you signed up and is the currency that you use when you add your product prices. It will appear in your booking engines and on your Marketplace contracts by default.

If you wish to work with Marketplace resellers that use a different currency, you can add another currency to your products in the currency required.

Select "Products" > "Price catalog".

Select the currency you want to add to your price catalog from the drop down menu that appears when you select the field next to "Default currency". 

You can make the new currency your default currency if you like or delete it if you e.g. add it by mistake.

Once you have added the currency to your price catalogue, Bokun will prompt you to add fixed prices for that new currency. Empty fields will appear in red.
Please note that you have to add prices in every field to be able to save your catalog.

Save your changes and select "Publish catalog" . 

Once that's completed, you're able to use this currency in your marketplace contracts. Remember that prices will remain fixed, based on what you entered into your pricing catalog. 

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