What information can I translate in Bókun?

You can translate all product content. 

Why is it a good idea to translate content?

If your website is available in multiple languages, and you would like to add an online booking engine in each language, we re recommend translating your content.

How do I add differnt languages to my Bókun account? 

The first thing to do is select which languages you want to create translated content for.
Click on "Settings" in bottom, left hand corner, then select "Company settings" from the list that appears

Under Content Languages select which languages you wan to create content for. Click on "Add" by the language. This screen also shows you, whicj language you have already created content for.
Note: Bókun does not automatically translate your content to another language, you will have to translate content manually yourself.

How do I add translations to my content?

There are two different ways for you to add translations: 

  1. Translate each product individually

  2. Translate all products from the central translations page

How to Add Translation to your Products Individually:

1. Start by opening the products you want to translate content for by going to "Products" from the navigation bar and then select "Experiences".

2. Select "Translations" from the menu on the left hand side of the screen

3. Select "Add" next to the language you want to translate

4. Select the content you want to translate

5. Type your translation in the box and hit "Save." The original language is shown on the right hand side, the language you are adding is shown on the left hand side.

How to Translate Content from the Central Translation Page:

1. Select Products from the navigation then click on Translations.

On the translations page you can translate all the content, including product specific like bookable extras and and centrally in the system like pricing categories.

2. On that page, you will find a list of all content that needs to be translated. Click into each one to add your translations. 

3. Type your translation into the box and hit the blue "save" button on the left corner.

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