How is Bokun's monthly fee calculated?

Your monthly fee is calculated as 0.1% of your total booking value for the month. Thsis amount is capped at $2,500. Bokun collects this fee by credit card only. 

How does Bokun Charge my Credit Card?

Bokun charges in USD. When bookings are made in EUR or any another currency, we convert the margin (0.1%) to USD using the official bank rate. When we then charge the monthly fee, we charge the value in USD and the card issuer converts home currency into USD, so any extra fees are dependent on the issuer bank. In other words, Bokun does not perform any extra surcharges for currency conversion.

How Do I Add my Credit Card Details to Bokun?

To add your credit card details, click on the gear icon in top right corner and select “Account & Billing” from the side menu.

Add your card number, expiry date and security code (CVC) and click "Save." 

Bokun is never able to see your credit card information.

Note: Your payment information is processed and stored by Borgun - our PCI certified payment provider. All communication between Bókun and Borgun are encrypted and secure.

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