What is a live integration?
A live integration is a direct connection to a sales channel. When a customer is looking at your products on an OTAs' website, such as Viator.com, Viator will display availability directly from your Bókun account.
When a booking is created on their website, the booking information will be delivered straight into your Bókun account, updating the availability of all your connected channels, automatically.

How do I get the integration process started?
To get started with your Viator integration, you need to sign up for a Viator account, if you don't have an account with them already. Once you have signed up with Viator, you will need to create your products in the TA Management Center. 

Is there a way to add my Viator products into Bókun automatically?
Yes, if you already have products created in TA Management Center, Bókun can import your products from Viator into Bókun.
Please keep in mind that products must exist on both platforms before they can be connected, and it's only possible to import products into Bókun from Viator, not the other way around.

What information does Bókun need to import my products?
Bokun will need your Viator ID number.
Your Supplier ID number is located in the top right hand corner of your Viator account:

What happens after Bókun imports my products into my Bókun account?
Once your products have been imported into your account, Bókun will review them for accuracy, and then make the integration between Bokun and Viator. You will be in direct contact with Bókun during this time.

How do I contact Bókun to get the Viator integration process started?
You can contact Bókun through our support chat or email support at support@bokun.io to begin the Viator integration process.

How can I contact my Viator customers through Bókun?
To contact your Viator customers through Bókun, you can send them an email directly from the Sales Feed by clicking the "Click to email" button. Bókun generates a temporary email address for all Viator customer' bookings so you can email them until 30 days after their departure. The email addresses can also be exported into a Sales Feed report.

What happens after the Viator integration is completed?
After the integration is complete, you will begin to manage your products directly on Bókun.
Here is some important information about managing your products after the integration:

  • Start times, Rates, and Pricing Categories in Viator must match with Bókun. If you need to edit or delete any of these, please reach out to Bókun. Making changes to this will break the connection.
  • Please be aware that booking cutoffs set in Bókun needs to match booking cutoff in Viator. 
  • To cancel a booking from Viator, you will need to cancel it in Viator. That cancels the booking both in Viator and in Bókun along with refunding the customer. Cancelling the booking in Bókun will only cancel it in Bókun and do nothing else.
  • If you need to add a new product, simply create it in Viator first, and then reach out to the Bókun team to have it imported and connected with Bókun. 
  • When updating product information in Bókun, please note that prouct descriptions, images, pricing, itineraries, cancellation policies and extras will not automatically update in Viator. 
  • Your current payment system with Viator does not change when you use Bókun.

What do I do if I create a new product in Bókun or in Viator?
If you add new product in Bókun or Viator, there are three steps you need to complete: 

  1. Create the product on both systems (Bókun and Viator)
  2. Add the new product to your Viator Contract Terms. Select "Contracts" from the top bar and then select "Contract Terms" from the drop down list: 

Select the Viator.com contract terms from your list of contract terms: 

Select "Product Selection" and add your new product to the list of selected products for Viator. You add products by clicking on the plus symbol on the left hand side of the product names.

Once the product has been selected, it gets added to the selected product list on the right hand side of the screen. Make sure to save your changes.

3. Contact Bókun Support and ask them to connect you new product to Viator.

Please see the video below for an overview of the Bokun-Viator integration

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